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Breathe life into your home with your story, as told by photography. With hand-delivered keepsakes, your moments that matter will be treasured for a lifetime.

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Photography is truly special. 

It has the unique ability to draw us in and captivate us with a moment in our lives and fill us with wonder, happiness, warmth, and many other feelings. Pictures have the power to pull us back to the past, to a moment when we felt our baby’s head on our chest for the first time, the excitement of a first t-ball game, to family Sunday’s at the pond. 

I believe that photography is a beautiful piece of art that can be used to tell your story. 

Using a documentary, candid approach, I believe the best moments of a session are when we forget we are being photographed. When we allow ourselves to be truly free in the moment with our loved ones, whether we are barefoot running in a sprinkler, or cuddled up + belly laughing– there is a story to be told.

I believe that genuine expressed love + happiness {raw authentic emotion}  is what makes a session complete. 

These moments will leave us. They will outgrow us. They will change and, unfortunately, not last forever. One day you will pick your baby up to hold her for the last time, and will not realize that it is the last time you will wrap her long legs around your waist and squeeze her tight as you carry their weight on yours. One day you will be at the hospital looking at your first born, realizing that within hours they will not be your only baby and you might feel happy and sad at the same time, that life is changing, that these moments are outgrowing us. 

I believe when we look back at our photos we want to remember how we genuinely lived day to day,

the times that made us laugh,

the moments that made us cry,

t h e  r a w,

t h e  h o n e s t,

t h e  m e s s y. 

“A session with Candice might begin with instructions along the lines of “interact as a family” or “just be yourselves”. Simple enough. But from that simplicity, she will pluck seemingly obscure moments and transform them into priceless memories. As if by magic, the fleeting moments that we live every day are captured and preserved in images that will be forever cherished. Anyone can buy a camera and press the shutter button. It takes pure artistic vision to deliver what Candice delivers in her images, and that’s something that can’t be bought. She is an amazing photographer, and you will be moved to tears with the memories she captures for you.”

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