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Luna’s Birth Story

“It was July 17th, Tuesday afternoon when my doctors office called me. I had just turned in a 24 hour sample the day before after feeling unwell that previous Friday. The nurse explained it was urgent and that we needed to pack our bags and head to the hospital where a room was waiting for us and I would be induced the minute we got there. They had found through my sample that my urine protein levels were skyrocketing, resulting in my body going into the early stages of preeclampsia. We grabbed our things in a hurry and began calling our family and our photographer.

My heart was racing the entire 30 minute drive to St David’s Hospital. This was was not how I envisioned our birthing experience. I was so worried for the health of our little girl and anxious to have her in my arms safe.

We arrived to the hospital around 2:30 and were immediately checked in. We were introduced to our sweet nurses for the evening and escorted to our room. The nurses started an IV and made sure we were comfortable and cozy. My midwife came in around 3 to meet with us, she went over the induction process and told us what to expect. She checked my cervix and found that I was completely closed and 0% effaced. They decided to start the induction by giving me an insert called cervadil to help soften the cervix. She explained there was a small chance the cervadil insert would start labor but that it was uncommon for that alone to do much. She left for the evening and told me to get some rest for a big day tomorrow.

It was 5:00 A.M when I woke up with contractions, they were 4 minutes apart and felt to be getting stronger and stronger. The nurse came in about an hour later to check my progress again and I was dilated to a one and my cervix wasn’t really thinning at all. They came back in two hours later to check again and I was dilated to a two and 50 percent effaced, yay! They told us that labor had officially started. I was so nervous but so so excited to meet our little girl. The nurses and midwife waited until I was dilated to a 4 and then decided to start pitocin. The contractions were getting stronger and stronger, I decided to go ahead and get the epidural.

They came back in around 3pm to break my water. The baby was having deep variables in her heart rate with every contraction so the Obgyn decided to apply inter vaginal sensors to the top of her head to monitor her more closely. They allowed me to labor for a few more hours and came to check on us again around 5 P.M. I hadn’t made any progress with dilation and the baby was not handling the induction well. Her heart rate would drop dramatically with every contraction. We were all on edge and getting super nervous for her safety, our hospital team decided to stop the pitocin and give her a break. Around 6 they started an amnio fusion to try and help regulate her heart rate. Shortly after the pitocin was stopped my contractions slowed down and became less regular and less intense. However the babies heart rate regulated back out and that was the most important thing. A few hours later around 9 the midwife on call came in to check on us. She decided to start the pitocin again and try to get things moving along. Just minutes into it the babies heart rate started to drop again, more dramatically than it had before getting down into the 60’s. Every time her heart rate would drop our nurses would run in and flip me to the side to try and help reposition her, attempting to get her heart rate back up. This went on for 30 minutes, we were terrified for our daughters safety and finally asked the nurse if we could stop the pitocin and opt for a cesarian.

This was completely opposite of what we both had envisioned, we wanted an all natural birth with minimal interference. But we couldn’t imagine anything happening to our baby. We knew this would be the safest option for her. The nurse seemed to light up when we asked about a cesarian, she said she was so thankful we brought that up because our daughter was not doing well. She immediately got the midwifes approval and they stopped the pitocin. Just minutes later the OBGYN on call for the evening came to our room to greet us. He went over the process for a cesarean and we got to meet our anesthesiologist and surgery team. Everyone was extremely nice and so supportive, we felt relieved and so anxious to meet our little girl.

The anesthesiologist made sure I had no feeling from my belly button down. I was wheeled back to a cold, bright room where I was laid back on a table and a white sheet was placed in front of me. My heart was racing and I couldn’t stop shaking. My boyfriend was finally allowed in the room and he held my hand the entire time. I could feel extreme tugging and pulling. It was so intense I kept passing in and out of consciousness, in the moments when I was awake I had to give it everything I could not to vomit. It was a feeling I can hardly explain. About 10 minutes into the tugging and pulling and my OBGYN tells us he is about to deliver her. He tells me to expect an immense amount of pressure and seconds later we could hear her crying. At 10:22 Pm we welcomed our little girl, Luna Iva Marie Baza into the world. She weighed 6 pounds, 4 ounces, was 20 inches long and more perfect than what I could imagine. I cried tears of relief and kept my consciousness just long enough to see her and kiss her face when my boyfriend brought her over. After that I immediately passed out and don’t remember waking up until we were in recovery. Once in recovery I was finally able to hold her. She was so tiny and the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen. The obgyn came and explained to us that her umbilical cord was wrapped around her neck and that things could have gotten worse had we not done the cesarean. Although It was the hardest, most challenging experience I have ever been through it was so worth it to have her here safely and I’d do it 100 times over. Best day ever. ”

– Luna’s Mother

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