tandem nursing twins austin, texas
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“Breastfeeding has been such a journey this go round.  Mercy and Marceline have been such rockstars.  They were born this year on my birthday and spent their first 17 days of life in NICU due to both being premature.  I made it to the NICU as soon as I could after my c-section and was able to nurse Mercy right away; Marceline was a sleepy latcher so it took her a bit to get the hang of nursing. During their NICU stay, I used a pump to express milk and relied on the donor milk bank until my supply grew.  I made it to as many feedings in the NICU as I could to get them latched on and nursing.  However, over the weeks they became pretty use to being bottle-fed, so once we were released to go home, we found there were new challenges to get the girls to latch and stay latched. Moving forward, it has remained a lot of work keeping my supply up and watching what I eat. Occasionally we have had help from more donor milk and some formula substitutes when my supply has not been able to stick with the demand.  Now, at 4 months old, they are thriving and tandem nursing! These little ladies have been nothing short of amazing. ” – Darby, Mercy + Marceline’s Mom

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