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Nurture Motherhood Series

What is the fourth trimester of motherhood?

The fourth trimester is a period coined by Dr. Harvey Karp as the first three months of a baby’s life after birth. 

For your new baby, this is the transition period from your womb to life outside your womb. It often explains why your baby prefers to be swaddled up, loves skin-to-skin, and anything else that mimics the womb. During this time period, your baby is learning to adjust to life outside the womb while your transitioning into new motherhood!

This postpartum period can create complex and conflicting emotions for new parents and often can feel like each day is a daze that you are shuffling through (I’m five weeks in with my little and you can totally say that last part again).

One of my biggest struggles I have as a mother is I often feel like I’m carrying the weight of the world (in reality its just my partner, house, and two kids) and no one can see ME. No one can see the work I’m putting in. The balance and imbalance my day to day life holds. The struggles, the juggles of tasks, the emotions of having a new baby and the race against time.

My second biggest struggle is how much of this I sweep under the rug myself, that I don’t share with my partner much less friends or strangers. How much of postpartum doesn’t get talked about. By mothers. By society. For me personally, I know it’s hard to put into words my struggles, my frustrations, the good moments and the bad. And most the time, by the time of processed, it becomes just a moment of the past.

I invite you to journey with me on this new found motherhood. To capture the raw, intimate moments, to unfold your story as you navigate this part of life. The tiny details of your new little one, the unseen moments as you balance home + baby, true day to day life, and whatever that may look like to you.

This project will be documentary style and in exchange for allowing me to use your images as a representation of new motherhood, you will receive full access to your edited images as well. Ideally, I would like to spend a few hours with you and your family and capture whatever unfolds organically. This session will be of no cost to you, as I am honored to be able to have you on this journey with me, and this project is very dear to me.

If Nurture Motherhood is calling you to join and you feel so obliged please join us here.

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