Nurture Motherhood

Sadie + Aliäi

Motherhood, as told by Sadie

“Where to begin? There are few, if any, other thing in life that can give you so many different emotions.

Being a mother has taught me more about myself than anything else could have. As I raise my children I have learned about my values and what matters to me as I look at my children’s future.

Being a mother is one of the toughest jobs in the world, and unlike other jobs, you will rarely be told “good job”. However, it is one of the most rewarding things you can ever experience in this life. As I lay awake holding my daughter, she has kept me up all night. I am currently recovering from my 2nd c section and am trying to juggle taking care of myself, a newborn and my 2 year old son and making sure he feels loved as well.

There are moments that you feel like crying and breaking down and one thing I’ve learned is that’s OKAY. All too often we talk about motherhood as something that’s glamorous – it’s not, and that’s okay. I haven’t had a magical “snap back” , I’ve been in constant pain, but seeing my son kiss my beautiful baby girl on the forehead has made it all worth it and so much more.

The way your children look you in the eyes like you’re their world- when you have done nothing. There is nothing that could replace that.”

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