Heirloom Collection

The Heirloom Collection: The Keepsake Album

Soooooo let’s talk about albums!

I get a lot of questions from clients about professional printing and I ALWAYS, ALWAYS encourage them to print.

But why? 

I know we are in the modern “technology-focused” day + age where we have a literally thousands of pictures backed up on the our hard drive + touch screens. It really is so awesome that we can have everything so handy and easily accessible. How often do you find yourself going back and looking through those old pictures on your desktop? Sure, you know they are there. Stored “safely”. But are they? What happens if you computer crashes next month and your hard drive fails you? What happens when technology continues to advance to the extent that our .jpegs are no longer readable files. They become a thing of the past like the floppy discs + cd-roms.

One of my favorite parts about being a photographer is capturing memories that my clients + their families can treasure for a lifetime. Nothing makes me more sad to think images we loved capturing are sitting away in a file that hasn’t been opened in months.

There is so much value in printing. I’ll say it again, print your images. Whether you decide to print your family session on canvas prints for a wall gallery in your entryway or you decide to gift the grandparents 8×10 framed prints of the grand babies, print your images. Why? Because these are your memories. When you put these images in a file on your computer to be forgotten about, or worse– lost, you also lose the fleeting details in your memory. Slowly over time you forget how you felt in that moment, because it begins to fade away. When you make the decision to print your images, you have a better opportunity to remember these moments, and allow these treasures to bring happiness to your life, as you pass them day in and day out. As you enter your home and you smile at the 11×14 canvas print of your child playing in the dirt during a family session, or you decide to flip through your birth story album and feel the emotions of your baby being born all over again. These memories are important. Irreplaceable. These memories are a part of who you were + who you are. These images tell your story + one day will be passed down to your children. Treasure them.


At Candice Dawn Photography, I know not only the value of having your images printed, but also having your images professionally printed on quality paper that can stand the test of time, for your loved ones after our lifetime has faded into the past we ensure that these printed treasures won’t. One great option for professionally printing through Candice Dawn Photography is our keepsake album, as seen below. I’ll also include a short video that will actually show one “in-person” so you can see more in detail what the album looks like and all it’s bells + whistles.

Cover options come in genuine Italian leather, linen cover, or you can customize with your favorite photo!

 Pages lay flat when opened, perfect for showing off full panoramic images.

This album displays thick pages, measuring about the width of a penny. This is perfect to ensure your images don’t become warped or torn over time.

The keepsake album is the perfect option for an affordable, high-quality photo album to highlight your favorites from your most recent session. If your interested in purchasing or learning more, please check out our blog post + contact Candice Dawn Photography.


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